Table 6 - 2015-2017 Coloured Minor Bean Characteristics and Distributors

Variety Market Class 100 Seed
Weight3 (g)
Disease Reaction1 Suitability
for Direct
Bean Common
Mosaic Virus
Race Race
115 172373
La Paz Pinto36.2NA NA NA NA S2.0ADM Seedwest
Viper Small Red30.3NA NA NA NA S2.1ADM Seedwest
Ruby Small Red32.4NA NA NA NA S3.5ADM Seedwest
OAC Rosito Small Red22.7NA NA NA NA S2.0AAFC/U of G
Zorro Black21.8R R R R S1.6Hensall DC

1 R = Resistant, S = Susceptible, NA = Not Available
2 Anthracose ratings, the predominant race found now in Ontario is Race 73. Race 17 (binary system) is equivalent to the Alpha race, race 23 (binary system) is equivalent to the Delta race.
3 To convert 100 seed weight (g) to seeds per pound divide 45,400 by seed weight. Example: 45,400 / 63 gm = 720 seeds/lb
4 A variety's suitability of direct harvest is based on a scale of 1-5, where 1 = upright plant type, standing erect with good bottom pod height and 5 = more prostrate plant type or plants that are not erect, with poor bottom pod height.

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