Table 5 - 2015-2017 Coloured Minor Bean Variety Performance Trial

Variety Days to
Yield (lbs/ac)1
All Locations St ThomasExeterWinchester
3 Year2 Year2 3 Year2 Year20173 Year2 Year20172017
La Paz953,4333,5663,5203,6123,8593,2003,3683,8783,870
OAC Rosito973,1293,4353,0083,4813,6663,1493,3913,7973,432
Average Yield (lbs/ac)1 3,2933,5243,3103,6883,7433,2013,3623,6883,519
LSD (0.05)3 na 270na 414462na 397655709

1 To convert lbs/acre to t/ha divide by 893.
2 2 Year average yield and days to maturity is average of St Thomas, Kippen in 2016 and 2017. Maturity rating is affected by planting date and area where variety is being grown. Varieties are rated as mature when 95% of the pods are ripe. Normally, 3-10 additional drying days are needed before the crop is dry enough for combining.
3 LSD (0.05) - the LSD is a measure of variability within the trial. There is a ninety five percent probability that yields that differ by an amount greater than the LSD are different. Yields that differ by an amount less or equal to the LSD should be considered the same.

Testing Locations
St Thomas201720162015

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